The Detroit Great Game


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This book is an attempt to define some mechanisms of architectural design practice, make them communicable and replicable in the form of a handbook-of-sorts. Within a game of strategy, twelve groups of architects work on adjacent and sometimes overlapping areas in an eastern district of the city of Detroit.

The book employs the game and its results to elaborate on some questions: how does architectural design work as day-to-day practice? What are its effects, and how can they be measured? How is practice innovated, i.e. how do architects learn from, or capitalize on, previous effective action?

“The Detroit Great Game presents a captivating and timely pedagogical experiment and offers a much-needed rethinking of the playful dimension of architectural education. Federighi and Bruno offer a fresh pragmatist perspective to the reality of project making tracing the contingencies, negotiations, documentary exchange, promises and contextual complexities of architecture in the making. Vividly written and filled with insightful examples and innovative graphics, it is a must-read for every student, academic and practitioner in Architecture.”

 Albena Yaneva, University of Manchester

“The Detroit Great Game demonstrates that no architectural project is autonomous from the world and that all projects catapult their players into an unpredictable future. It follows that all projects are susceptible to the vicissitudes of contingent encounters and unexpected roadblocks. Such is the great game of designing worlds on fields of immanence where documents and contracts hold equal weight to material objects. Groping experimentation and experience come first, know-how and knowledge afterwards. Enjoy this great game! Play it seriously!”

Hélène Frichot, University of Melbourne

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