Catalogue 2021

Click here for our new catalogue 2021 puplication and enjoy our provocative and exciting publications on Theory, Creative Practice and Design Research.

Learn about the pervasive roles of diagrams in Diagrams: Tropes, Tools, Abstract Machines, dive into essays by Julieanna Preston, Katie Braatvedt, Luke Tipene, David Turnball, Prue Stevenson and many more in idea journal vol. 17 no. 01 and idea journal vol. 17 no. 02, explore impressions of built spaces, places and landscapes in Places, Spaces, Notations, read about the critical value of weird vinyl records in Sonic Wilderness: Mad Vinyl Records, deal with augmented and virtual reality in architecture and art in SAC 6: Breaking Glass, hear about techniques for integrating civic engagement into daily practice in Place, Practice, Politics and and get inspired by spectacular design experiments in Beyond Efficicency.



More Updates


The authors of “Beyond Efficiency”, Josefin Wangel and Eléonore Fauré, celebrate the arrival of their new book. Click here to order the book and to

New distributors for USA/Canada & Japan!

Since this year AADR has two new distributors: Actar Distribution  and MHM Limited. Actar  Distribution – USA & Canada Actar Distribution is dedicated to exploring the