Catalogue 2020

click here for our new catalogue 2020 publication and enjoy our provocative and exciting publications on Urbanism, Theory, Creative Practice, Design Research.

Read about the White City Tel Aviv with historical documents in More than Bauhaus, learn about the artistic process in architecture in Problem Invention, be challenged by thought provoking theory in Dirty Theory – Troubling Architecture, explore the five stages of grief in Death of Urbanism, hear about unthinkable connection between architecture and archeology in Scandalous Space and dive into essays with and by Peter Cook, Peter Trummer, Beatriz Colomina, Alison Brooks, and Jeffrey Kipnis in Inflection 6 by the Melbourne School of Design and in SAC Journal 5 by the Staedelschule in Frankfurt.

More Updates

Melbourne Art Book Fair 2020

AADR is delighted to be able to take part in the Melbourne Art Book Fair in Australia. The MABF opens on Thursday, March 12. MABF

AADR @ Frankfurt Book Fair

AADR @ Frankfurt Book Fair. We present all new and existing titles, including Feminist Futures, Dirty Theory, Death of Urbanism, Invention of a Problem, and many others .