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AADR Edition publishes international artistic, creative and historical research from emerging researchers and research collectives located at the forefront of current explorations in art, architecture, design, philosophy, history, and related fields. Publications are peer-reviewed by our international advisory members.
Urban Interior – informal explorations, interventions and occupations

Urban Interior – informal explorations, interventions and occupations

Urban Interior overcomes the dualism between the interior, habitually conceived as the private realm, and the urban, or what is generally recognised to be the public realm. Creative projects in this book range from social practices to phenomenological investigations, from ephemeral phenomena to spatial insertions, from performances to relational participations; and are situated in Melbourne, Berlin, Karachi, […]

Art Architecture Design Research

AADR combines the highest quality of thinking and making, of philosophy and creative work, in art, architecture, design, philosophy, history and related fields, with publications of an excellent quality. AADR books are promoted worldwide and are available in specialized bookstores in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Stay connected with Art Architecture Design Research through […]


The editor Dr Rochus Urban Hinkel, based in Stockholm, established AADR together with Spurbuchverlag in late 2012. The editor is supported by an Editorial Advisory Board and an Academic Advisory Board, with well-established academics from art, architecture, design, philosophy and related fields. Rochus holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Melbourne, and is a registered […]

Worldwide Distribution

AADR books are promoted worldwide and will be available in specialized bookstores in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Publication formats include the AADR series, individual books, as well as journals and magazines in cooperation with renown universities and research networks. You can order all books directly through the publisher Spurbuch’s webshop, delivered by priority […]
Documenta Center

Documenta Center

Documenta Center, launched at Documenta 13, presents on over 240 pages and more than 200 coloured images the extraordinary competition results for the design of the centre for the world leading art exhibition, Documenta in Kassel, Germany. Ranging from inflatable structures to parametric designs, the proposals challenge conventional definitions of building design and show the breadth and […]
MGF Architekten

MGF Architekten

»The ideal architectural form is an integrative one made up of many individual parts. A straightforward, generous approach plus the cogent use of materials in design and construction bring out the quality of each specific location.« MGF Architekten, Stephan Birk (2011), 96 pages, 24 x 17,5 cm, German and English, 2. edition, numerous pictures, hardcover, 24 Euros, ISBN 978-3-88778-321-1, […]

Publisher Spurbuchverlag

AADR is published by Spurbuchverlag, an independent niche publisher established in Bamberg, Germany in 1982. Inspired by ‘Spur‘, which translates as path or trace, together with Spurbuch AADR forges new pathways across the trandisciplinary fields, to explore and promote innovative relations between creative practice and research. With more than 30 years in publishing Spurbuchverlag has successfully published over 450 titles.


AADR is published by Spurbuchverlag: Spurbuchverlag Publishing House of AADR Am Eichenhügel 4 96148 Baunach, Germany Fon: +49 – 9544 1561 info[at]spurbuch.de   Rochus Urban Hinkel Curatorial Editor of AADR Stockholm, Sweden Fon: +46 – 72 327 2099 rochus[at]aadr.info   Individual Orders: You can purchase all publications directly through the publishers online www.spurbuch.de or in […]
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